Research and consulting firm Media Partners Asia released a report titled “Online Video in Korea,” which showed that South Korea’s subscription video market grew by more than 700,000 in the third quarter. During the period under review, Disney+ is the fastest growing platform, thanks in part to the Korea-produced series “Moving,” although it still remains in third place behind Netflix and Tving.

“Deepening engagement on Disney+ and Tving and solid subscriber growth boosted premium VOD audiences in Korea in Q3 2023. SVOD leaders continue to increase subscribers thanks to strong pipelines of local content and an abundance of drama and variety films; Tving’s popular reality hits are reaching a wide audience on networks such as tvN’s “Earth Arcade,” while Disney+ scored its first major original hit with “Moving.” Tving and Netflix lead in the number of exclusive local titles and, together with Wavve, captured 80 percent of Korea’s The number of premium VOD viewers in the third quarter of 2023,” said Vivek Couto, managing partner of MPA.

PhotoCredits: Pexels