In 2021 the Italian television market will be worth 8.3 billion euros with growth over the next two years at an average annual rate of 3.5%.

The 13th ITMedia Consulting Report, II mercato televisivo in Italia: 2019-2021 – Al centro della rivoluzione (Italian television market: 2019-2021 – At the heart of the revolution), records how “the television sector in Italy is also facing growing multi-device and multi-platform competition for audiovisual content which requires all broadcasters to develop new approaches to the market and new strategies to compete with traditional rivals and especially with online giants.”

By the end of 2020, the TV offer broadcast on BbTv (broadband) will be present in 9.2 million homes (5.9 million in 2019), for an average annual growth rate of 25%. According to ITMedia Consulting, pay-TV will explode, rising from 43% at the end of 2019 to 55% of the total Italian households. With a growth rate of 3.5%, the Italian TV market will reach 8.3 billion euros, thanks to “especially the recovery expected in 2020 that will bring revenues back to the levels of 2018.”

In 2021, according to ITMedia Consulting, “the Italian television landscape will be radically changed. The entry of Netflix and the development of non-linear services or video on demand (VOD) has opened a new era in the world of content and video entertainment, with a strong impact on all elements of the value chain, on business models. The growing spread of the ultra-wideband, and of the imminent spread of 5G, is, in fact, imposing new consumption formats connected to non-linear and on-demand services, which are becoming an increasingly significant component of the television diet.”