An international showcase for more than 20 Italian documentaries with Italians Doc It Better at MIA 2018. A selection that shows a sector full of interesting projects.

“This year we brought the best of Italian documentaries at MIA, next year we hope to bring them all”, through this statement Marco Spagnoli (MIA|DOC manager) introduced Italians Doc It Better. The most interesting proposals from the Italian market are presented to international buyers, representatives of the press and all the operators in the sector.

Here is the selection of documentaries in Italians Doc It Better at MIA 2018:

  • SAMOUNI ROAD, producer Marco Alessi: “Maybe one of the most important issues touched at MIA is to go under the surface of the language of the documentary. The people to whom this documentary is dedicated deserve this attention”.
  • 1938 DIVERSI, Carolina Levi (Tangram Film): “the question we asked ourselves while making this documentary is why populism was coming back. And to find out we studied as Mussolini did in his time”.
  • PERTINI – THE FIGHTER: “this documentary was produced by sky. It is a particular documentary since we try to tell Pertini’s life through the language of doc also by using animation”.
  • BALENTES – THE BRAVE ONES, director Lisa Camillo: “I was thinking of going back to my native island to make a documentary on the beauty of Sardinia, but instead I found myself fighting like David against Goliath”.
  • ZECCHINO 60, David Moscato: “the story is about a program through which we reached an international relevance”.
  • ISIS TOMORROW – THE LOST SOULS OF MOSUL, Gabriele Immirzi: “through this documentary we obtained a dramatic image of a repeating story of families abandoned and abused by anyone”.
  • THE PASSION OF ANNA MAGNANI, producer Massimo Arvat: “the film is to reconstruct the story of Anna Magnani and to get to know the woman behind the legend”.
  • BARRIO MILANO, Alessandro Genovese: “thanks to the access to evidence from trials and investigations we were able to give this documentary a strong realism”.
  • MARGHE AND GIULIA, Mattia Marotti (Sky Atlantic): “this documentary is about 2 very popular Italian YouTubers. With them we enter a world where the line between show and real life becomes extremely blurred”.
  • MICHELANGELO ENDLESS, Cosetta Lagani: “this docufilm belongs to a series of documentaries focused on the art of great success in Italy and in the World”.
  • HUI HE THE SOPRANO FROM THE SILK ROAD, Agnese Fontana: “it is one of the first Chinese-Italian productions. We are fascinated by the history of this artist, close to the DNA of Italian culture”.
  • THE HIJACKER, Alex Infascelli: “Raphael Minichiello is the perfect anti-hero. The documentary about him tells a story that is halfway between Forrest Gump and Rambo”.
  • THE THREAD OF ALLIANCE: “what we mean by this project is that we are all part of humanity”.
  • FRIEDKIN UNCUT, Francesco Zippel: “in the documentary we have stars from all over Hollywood. It was a great success in Venice”.
  • A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER, director Gianni Vukai: “we have tried to get as close as possible to the soul of the problem forgetting about the disabilities of these people”.
  • NEVER WHISTLE ALONE, Marco Ferrari: “when you become a whistle blower your life gets complicated. We spent 2 years on this documentary to talk to people who find themselves with this dilemma. The result is a documentary that looks like a thriller story”.
  • ONE MORE JUMP, director Emanuele Gerosa: “I was immediately struck by the history of these two and their history to regain their freedom and offer an alternative to the war to the new youth in Gaza”.
  • WIND OF SWABIA, Gabriele Gianni: “this documentary tells many stories about the Brindisi power station and the controversy that has arisen over it. The film tries to find a meeting point between economy and pollution. Through Brindisi we can learn about a problem of international importance”.
  • MY HOME, IN LIBYA: “the main theme is to explain what the value of ‘home’means”.
  • BELLISSIME: “it is based on a book of Flavia Piccini about baby models in Italy. We met this girl Arianna who had been a baby model and we tried to investigate about this world and the relationship between mother and daughters and beauty as a value”.
  • AS IT IS ON EARTH, Luigi Ciotti: “the story of Ciotti tells the difficulties of trying to get active for society. There is a great community in silence and Ciotti and the documentary is for them”.
  • THE BLACK SWAN: “it is a documentary on the Morandi bridge. The documentary focuses on the images taken 2 hours after the collapse with firefighters and forensic units. They were made in the rubble and what remains of the bridge. We could cover the first 4 days after collapse and interviewed witnesses, firefighters, policemen. It is not a reportage looking for offenders but the history of the bridge from a different point of view, that of the victims who have saved themselves or not”.