Gianfranco Cabiddu’s The Stuff of Dreams (Paco Cinematografica, Rai Cinema, with the contribution of MiBACT, White Pictures, in association with Videoprogetti, with the support of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation; premiered during MIA 2015) won the Golden Globe for Best Film. TheForeign Press Association in Italy awarded the Globe along with other two special recognitions: the documentary film Restaurareil Cielo by Tommaso Santi won the Special Jury Award, while director Dario Argento received the Golden Globe for the Career.

Here are the main winners: Isabella Ragonese won Best Actress for her performance in There is a Light by Fabio Mollo (Bianca Film with the contribution of MiBACT and the support of Film CommissionTorino Piemonte); Renato Carpenteri won Best Actor for Gianni Amelio’s Holding Hands (PepitoProduzioni, Rai Cinema, with the contribution of MiBACT, in association with Unipol Banca, Focchi and the Film Commission Regione Campania); Paolo Virzì’s Like Crazy (Lotus Prodction, MannyFilms, Rai Cinema with the contribution of MiBACT) won Best Screenplay by Paolo Virzì and Francesca Archibugi; Enrico Caria’s The Man who didn’t Change History (IstitutoLuceCinecittà) won Best Documentary; Marco Danieli’s Worldly Girl (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production, D.O. Consulting & Production, BarbaryFilms, Rai Cinema, with the contribution of MiBACT, Margutta Digital, F.lliCartocci, AnnamodeCostumes, Fabio Piscopo) won Best First Feature.

Here are the other awards: Enzo Avitabile won Best Music for Indivisible by Edoardo De Angelis (Tramp Limited, O’ Groove with the contribution ofMiBACT), Daria D’Antonio won Best Photography for Marco Segato’sOn the Trail of My Father(Jolefilm, Rai Cinema, with the contribution of MiBACT, with the support of the Region of Veneto, in association with De Rigo Vision, CreditoValtellinese, Tasci, Destro Flavio, Orsoni Davide, Guido Maria Brera).

Aldo Iuliano’sPenalty won Best Short Film.