IFC Italian Film Commission and Netflix announce a second call for the Fund “Italian Film Commissions & Netflix per le Troupe”.

The Fund, which supports workers of the audiovisual sector during the crisis connected to the Covid-19 pandemic, was instituted in May 2020 with an allocation of 1 mln euros, dispensed by Netflix and administered by IFC.

From May 28th to June 11th 2020, almost 600 workers could benefit from an individual contribution of €800, until the depletion of the Fund itself.

For this reason, IFC Italian Film Commissions and Netflix announced yesterday a new call for September to help workers of the film and television productions who couldn’t take advantage of the first call.

Italian Film Commissions is an association formed of 19 film commissions spread on all the Italian territory, and its purpose is the simplification and the improvement of the relationship with national and international authorities for the progress of the audiovisual sector. On the other hand, Netflix has started many initiatives on a global scale to contain the damages of the pandemic.

Further notices on the new call, terms and conditions for the supply of contributions will be available on the web page of Italian Film Commission starting from mid-September.