The Batman takes the top spot again this week. Discover the complete weekly box office chart from March 21 to 27, 2022.

DC Comics’ blockbuster The Batman stays firmly in first position with weekly gross of € 817,078 leading the total to € 9,216,570.   In second position we find Corro da te with a weekly takings of € 724,124 and a total of € 1,417,008, followed by Licorice Pizza which records a weekly takings of € 460,369 and a total of € 897,293.

Spencer debuts in fourth place with a gross of €303,303, followed by Albulance in fifth place which records a box office revenue of €213,109. Moonfall moves to sixth position with a weekly gross of € 206,467 and a total box office revenue of € 482,808.

Uncharted is in seventh place with a weekly box office revenue of € 146,363 and a total of € 6,039,262, followed by The Bad Guys with a weekly box office revenue of € 133,884, bringing the total to € 242,876. Belfast is in ninth place with a weekly box office revenue of € 88,730 and a total of € 1,499,575. The ranking is closed by Altrimenti Ci Arrabbiamo with a weekly box office takings of € 85,249.