The Wolf and the Lion debuts in theaters and immediately takes the top spot. Check out the complete weekly box office chart from January 17-23, 2022.

The Wolf and the Lion debuts at the cinema and conquers the box office for a total of €591,290. Spider-Man: No Way Home moves into second place with €546,712 and a total of €23,181,603 followed by King Richard with a weekly gross of €417,286 bringing the total to €814,025.

In fourth place we find Scream with €334,575 for a total of €693,442, followed by Me Contro te Il Film – Persi nel tempo in fifth place with a gross of €268,869 and a total of €2,942,076. In sixth place we find Latin America with weekly takings of €232,294 and a box office total of €466,203.

Seventh place for The Matrix Resurrections with € 216,159 with a total box office take of € 2,441,326, followed by Belli Ciao with € 186,412 and a total gain of € 2,834,704. In ninth position The King’s Man with a gross of € 175,795 bringing the total to € 1,038,121. House Of Gucci closes the ranking with €158,127 and a total at the box office of €5,067,641.