Sources close to the deal have revealed rumors about a possible Disney acquisition of some FOX’s international assets, a deal that would enourmously change the global audiovisual landscape. The acquisition would be part of Disney’s strategy to reach a prevalent role among the main digital players such as Google, Apple, Facebook and obviously Netflix and Amazon. Recently, Disney announced the intention to pull back all its titles from Netflix in 2019 in order to create its own streaming platform. The acquisition of the main FOX’s tv assets would increase the offer to the public and that would be a problem for realities like Netflix.

The acquisition is about the 20th Century FOX Studios, FX and National Geographic channels and the 39% stake of SKY owned by FOX. The Murdoch’s company, however, would keep a hold on its sport and news’channels. Disney, which already control ABC, is not authorized by US regulators to own more than one of the main American networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX).

Neither Disney nor FOX have commented these rumors yet.