The panel In Conversation with Nicole Clemens was held today as part of the MIA | Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo 2023 in the usual setting of the Cinema Barberini.

During the keynote,Gaia Tridente, Director of MIA talked with Nicole Clemens President of Paramount Television Studios (PTVS) and Paramount+ Original Scripted Series, outlining her professional career and her key role in the Paramount Global media corporation.

During the conversation Nicole Clemens spoke about her work experience and the steps that led her to her position at Paramount: “I decided that I would start producing, you have to start over, because at the beginning no one really calls you. It takes a while to get out of the blue, all producers know that.”

The conversation then shifted to Paramount Television Studios and Paramount+, focusing in particular on how Paramount handles new product: “Global shows start locally, and you have to stay specific to the market in which they were born. Our task is to catch the fire.”

In the last few bars of the panel Nicole Clemens spoke about her expectations for the future: “I don’t have a plan, I’ve never had a plan. I just love what I’m doing, and now I have so many wonderful things on my hands I’m very excited for the next three years, for the shows to come.”