The IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission supports the productions in the territory. Here the new projects financed by the fund.

The fund has a budget of € 5 million and consists in three calls for proposals. The contributions are destined to documentaries, films and TV series, in the production or pre-production phase, realised in Südtirol – Alto Adige.

New projects’ shootings in Südtirol – Alto Adige will last 90 days. Here the projects presented at the second call for proposals of this year.

The fund supports projects in the production phase from Italy, Germany and Latvia:

  • Resilient (provisional title), the new film by the director of Anita B. Roberto Faenza, produced by Jean Vigo and Rai Cinema.
  • Wild Republic (provisional title), German TV series directed by Markus Goller and Lennart Ruff, produced by Lailaps Pictures and Telekom Deutschland.
  • Where the road leads (provisional title), western by Matiss Kaza, Latvian-Polish co-production led by Fenixfilm and Furia Film.
  • The red house (provisional title), documentary by Francesco Catarinolo, Italian-German co-production led by Tekla and VIDICOM.

The fund supports three Italian documentaries in the pre-production phase:

  • After dive (provisional title), directed by Patrizia Emma Scialpi and priduced by Nightswim.
  • Hohe Mauern – Geschichten aus dem Frauenkloster Säben (provisional title), by Evi Oberkofler and Edith Eisenstecken, produced by Fain Media.
  • Souvenirs of war (provisional title), by Georg Zeller, produced by Helios Sustainable Films.

The deadline for the third call of this year is September 18th, 2019.

For further information check the IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission website.