Ducu, a Romanian film director, is shaken by the news that his wife Andra wants a divorce. His pride bruised, he leaves for Berlin on a two-month scriptwriting scholarship to start afresh. There, he encounters his first love Giulia who is now a widow living with her seven-year-old son, a difficult boy, in an eco-village in the countryside. The two timidly rekindle their relationship and Ducu starts spending his weekends in the eco-village. Struggling to fit in in Berlin and the eco-village, whose rules he cannot understand, he makes a short escape trip to Bucharest to sign his divorce papers. To his surprise, Andra has arranged a big family reunion as she wants to reconcile. Affronted by Andra’s manipulation, Ducu immediately returns to Berlin with a stronger desire to be with Giulia. But Andra is willing to do anything to win his husband back.

Directed by Valentin Hotea and written by him and Ileana Muntean for Hi Film Productions, I Hate Berlin is one of the projects selected for the MIA | Cinema Co-Production Market and Pitching Forum. To find out more on this and all the other projects, click here.