Hulu, popular U.S. VoD platform, is on its way to being permanently sold to The Walt Disney Company.
However, the official amount for the platform’s handover will not be revealed until Sept. 30.

This is according to a statement signed by Comcast and Disney intended for the SEC, Security and Exchange Commission, the U.S. federal agency in charge of overseeing stock exchanges.

Currently, the ownership stakes for the platform are shared 66% to Disney and the other to NBC Universal, owned by Comcast, respectively.
The agreement between the two parties was signed in May 2019 and provided for the sale of Hulu to Disney effective immediately, with the possibility of finalizing Disney’s full acquisition of the platform starting in January 2024.

As reported in the notice to the SEC, the two companies could exercise the buy-sell action as early as November this year, with the deadline for establishing the fair share value set at the end of the month.
If the deal goes through, the sales figure for the shares belonging to NBC Universal will certainly range between the fair value of the platform and a guaranteed minimum of $27.5 billion.

Otherwise, the overall value of the platform should be calculated in accordance with the financial performance history, business outlook and financial projections.

Ph Tech Daily/Unsplash