With the spreading of coronavirus  and most european countries in self-isolation, European TVs change their programming and schedules.

European TVs seem not to be immune to coronavirus either, as they change thei tv schedules to facilitate life during self-isolation. With most of the European population being at home, many broadcasters have made available new channels. In France, Canal+ Group has made available all the set-top-box and their own premium channels. The subscrivers will have access to all the offers which are currently encrypted.

Also Orange has welcomed the initiative and opened all of its Ocs channels to its subscribers. Finally, to complete the list of European TVs changing their schedules, the Institute National de L’Audiovisuel (Ina) in France has given free access to all of its premium contents on the streaming platform Madelen, for the next three months.

In Spain instead, the government has decided to postpone the switch off of the digital terrestrial in favour of the new standard Dvb-T2. The switch was supposed to happen by the 30th June. However, in order to avoid any technical inconvenience that could have occurred within this delicate situation, the government has decided to leave things as they are.