Rai Fiction reveals its TV plans by broadcasting two much-anticipated series: Il Paradiso delleSignore’s second season and Provaciancora Prof’s seventh season, besides the TV movie In arte Nino, a biopic of the key moments of Nino Manfredi’s life and career, which was previewed at last year’s Roma Fiction Fest, played by Elio Germano and directed by Luca Manfredi.
The first episode of Il Paradiso delleSignore 2 (based on the novel Au bonheur des dames by Emile Zola) will be aired next Monday on Rai1 and it will be played by the ex-Miss ItaliaGiusyBuscemi and Giuseppe Zeno.
Provaciancora Prof 7 will be aired in early September, starring Veronica Pivetti who will play Camilla Baudino again: this time she deals with a niece to take care. The sketch comedy Camera Cafè will come back, moving from Italia1 to Rai2 with its two protagonists Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu.
After Daria Bignardi’s defection, Rai3doesn’t give up on its civil bent with a history documentary and the telling of the truth. The biggest news is Mafia Capitale: the docuseries will reconstruct the shady atmospheres and Massimo Carminati’s suspicious plots, the neo fascist hooligan who reached the top of the criminal association carving up public procurement in Rome.