The final confirmation is here, from 2023 HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into a single streaming platform. A completely new platform that will allow users to be able to choose between three different types of experiences: without ads, with little ad space or only with ADV.


Discovery Streaming & International CEO Jean Briac Perrette during the presentation of fiscal results for the second quarter said, “It was the only way to make this business feasible.” The goal, in fact, is to try to curb or at least minimize platform abandonment by broadening the user base and diversifying content.


The timeline for the merger calls for a summer 2023 release in the U.S. and fall of the same year for South America. Europe will have to wait until early 2024 for the release of the new platform, the Asian market until mid-2024, and the rest of the world until fall of 2024.


Still all to be determined for subscription prices and on the name the new platform will take. It will all depend on studies of consumer perception of HBO Max.


The only sure thing that Perrette is certain about concerns the quality of the service: the new reality will bring together the best of both platforms, inheriting and making its own the features of HBO Max and the robustness of the Discovery+ service.



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