The Italian Council of Ministers has established that access to cinemas will be possible only if in possession of the Green Pass.

On July 22nd, the Council of Ministers met at Palazzo Chigi to establish additional measures to deal with the Covid-19 emergency. On the agenda were the new criteria for assigning colors to regions, the extension of the state of emergency and the use of the Green Pass. The latter will be essential from next August 6th to carry out certain activities, such as:

  • Attending shows and events open to the public;
  • access to museums, other institutes and places of culture and exhibitions;
  • access to cultural centers, social and recreational centers, limited to indoor activities.

Theaters and cinemas are also included in the categories listed above.

In addition, with regard to the white zone and the yellow zone, performances open to the public (theatrical, cinematographic and musical) will be held with pre-assigned seating and limited capacity, both outdoors and indoors, and the maximum capacity will depend on the color of the region.

Additional information is available on the Italian Government‘s website.