Nils Hartmann has no doubts: “there’s a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ Gomorrah”. During the press conference for the announcement of the third season of the series created by Roberto Saviano, Sky executive producer builds a flattering profile of Sky Atlantic’s flagship product. Not only for the Italian market, but also for the international one: Sky Italia’s Executive Vice President Programming Andrea Scrosati told that a new crime series has been announced during the L.A. Screenings, a series produced by the most important American majors and described as ‘Gomorrah style’. Ciro’s, Genny’s and the others’ stories have become a benchmark, a role model. Writers (Leonardo FasoliMaddalena Ravagli and Ludovica Rampoldi), directors (Francesca Comencini and Claudio Cupellin) and actors (Marco D’AmoreSalvatore EspositoCristiana Dell’AnnaCristina DonadioLoris De Luna and Arturo Muselli), along with production representatives (SkyCattleya and Fandango), promise that the third season will be a time of ‘maturity’: “the setting moves, the series has grown” Marco D’Amore (Ciro Di Marzio) explains, “from the sails of Scampia, the action moves to the core of bourgeois Naples, becoming the real protagonist”. Francesca Comencini says: “The series evolves. The story spreads in the territory in Gomorrah 3, but also a larger emotional factor. Characters grows up, adapts and changes”.

The figures are clear: Gomorrah was sold in 160 countries; third season’s shooting are almost done (broadcast is scheduled for fall 2017) and they’re already working on the fourth season. This success stopped the inevitable polemics caused by hot topics covered in the series and their presence during production.Riccardo Tozzi, President of Cattleya, told that “Gomorrah has been a shock for series as Rome, Open City was for cinema”. This extremely successful series represents an ambassador for all the Italian productions abroad.