A specific Italo-German Commission, met in Berlin, selected the winning projects of the German-Italian Co-Production Development Fund. Here are all the winners of the fund.

In order to encourage the cooperation of Italian and German producers the Ministry of Cultural Heritage Activities, Directorate General for Cinema (MiBAC) and the German Federal Film Board (FFA) have agreed to support the co‐development of film projects with the potential to develop into high quality films that will attract audiences in both countries and the rest of the world. For German-Italian Co-Production Development Fund 2019, the Commission has examined a total of 11 projects (8 Italian and 3 German majorities) of which 5 will receive the contribution: 3 Italian and 2 German majorities. The Commission has approved contributions of € 80,000.

TheGerman-Italian Co-Production Development Fund 2019 has been allocated to:

  • A dog’s word by Claudia Tosi, produced by Stefilm and Ma.Ja.De. Filmproduktions (contribution: €10,000)
  • Maoz by Tancredi Campiello, produced by Ang Film and Tama Film Produktion (contribution: €20,000)
  • Tina written by Rossella Milone and Marco Pettenello, produced by Rosamont and Weydemann Bros (contribution: 20.000 €)
  • Con lo spirito e il fuoco by Domenico Distilo, produced by Sciara Srl and Moon Jar Film (contribution: €10,000)
  • Europeana, a brief history of the twentieth century by Filippo Macelloni, produced by Naof and Corso Film (contribution: €20,000).

More information available on the MiBAC website.