“2017 is a year of transition and we must accept that”. During the “Where does Italian cinema go?” convention organized by ANICA, Dario Franceschini has been very clear about the situation of the implementing decrees on the law on the cinema. As the Minister says, this law considers all the problematic issues of the Italian audiovisual field: “the law aims to hold the industry (which is an attraction of international investments and protection and development of creativity) together inside a sector that must consider different problems: cinemas are in difficulty, there are no promotional campaigns, no incentives and performances of the Italian film industry still remain low”. Anyway, Franceschini specifies that the Italian audiovisualfield is not in crisis, it’s rapidly growing. Significant changes are taking place and the law can’t fail to consider it. Regarding the bureaucratic problems about decrees, the Minister has assured: “the implementation phase is taking a long time because of mandatory steps, but work is advancing and all the decrees will be issued by summer and this will allow us to overcome this transitional phase”.
The President of ANICA Francesco Rutelli then said: “the Franceschini law must be implemented as easily and rapidly as possible to enable the industry to proceed and go forward. By the way, there is a beneficial structuring in the decrees providing great incentives for movies coming out in the summer months”.