Filming Cagliari, online the call with an allocation of €150,000 of the Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission.

The Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission aims to promote and enhance the artistic and environmental heritage, to increase the professional and technical resources of the island, creating the conditions to attract national and international audiovisual productions in Sardinia.

“Filming Cagliari” is aimed at companies that, during 2021, have spent at least € 15,000 on the territory of the municipality of Cagliari for the production of films, audiovisual works or documentaries and corresponds to 120% of the contribution requested. The budget of the call for proposals amounts to €150,000.

As reported in the press release of the Film Commission, “the purpose of the action is to attract investment in the audiovisual sector, opening the territory of the Municipality of Cagliari to the cinema-audiovisual production system, ensuring in that municipality, and therefore in Sardinia, generalized fallout of investment, employment opportunities and competitive products.”

The deadline for submitting applications is March 31, 2022.

For more information see the call for proposals