IDM Film Fund & Commission and Bolzano Film Festival Bozen launch ‘Final Touch #7: Intense Feedback from Experts’.

Final Touch #7 offers professional support for the final stage of your project (feature film or documentary), confronting a team of experts and deepening topics such as post-production, distribution, financing and festivals.

As reported by IDM, filmmakers from Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Albania/Kosovo will be able to submit their project until February 20, 2022, by filling out the application form and attaching a rough cut (with English subtitles, even if only provisional).

In addition, two awards will be given:

  • Cine Chromatix Post-Production Prize, offered by the company CineChromatix Italy, will provide the winning team with post-production services worth €5,000;
  • TRUE COLOURS International Distribution Prize, which consists of a consultation with the True Colours team to determine the most appropriate strategy for the international distribution of the project.

For more information see: IDM