In two years,137 film productions have shot in Palermo. From international series such as “The White Lotus”, produced by Luky Red, and Ripley, “The Lions of Sicily,” now available on Disney Plus, “Gattopardo” for Netflix, to Italian productions with “The bad guy,” from Amazon, “The Corsair Brothers,” the second season of “Viola come il Mare” for Mediaset and the second season of “Makari” for Rai.

Not to mention feature films such as Gabriele Muccino’s “Here Now,” “The Hand of Dante,” produced by Martin Scorsese, and “Stranizza – a comedy to be made” directed by Roberto Andò. “We have finally come out of the old stereotype that saw the city as a place to shoot only films and series about the Mafia,” said Roberto Lagalla, mayor of the city. “For Palermo, these are opportunities that must continue to be cultivated, and I thank the City Council’s Film Commission offices that have worked in recent years, interfacing with productions and providing a significant response to their requests, facilitating their complex authorization procedures and making the city increasingly attractive,” he continued. He adds, “The presence of the big film companies produces impressive economic return effects for the city’s production fabric, as well as a return of image, and this must push the institutions to invest in this sector, also from the point of view of training new professionals, for example with the help of the Experimental Center of Cinematography, which is based at the Cantieri Culturali della Zisa-Ducrot.”

So many, then, audiovisual products are being born in the Sicilian capital: in fact, there is no shortage of documentaries either. Among the productions, both Italian and foreign, that have shot in Palermo are the BBC, La 7 with the documentary “Atlantis,” and Freedom for Mediaset.