The Film Commission Campania shows the results obtained from the last productions and presents their new projects at the Venice International Film Festival.

After a year of records in 2017, the massive wave of success of the cinema of Campania continues, landing in Venice with 9 new projects. Among the projects realized with the contribution of the region of Campania, without any doubts it stands out the tv series directed by Saverio Costanzo and based on the best-seller of Elena Ferrante, My brilliant friend. The project – branded Rai and HBO in partnership with Tim Vision, Wildside and Fandango – is mainly set in an ex-industrial area near Caserta. The narration will highlight also other locations in the territory of Campania, as Galleria Principe, Palazzo Gravina, the old port of Naples Molo San Vincenzo, Ischia and old Caserta.

Among the other productions realized thanks to the contribution of the Campania Film Commission there are the documentary of Massimiliano Pacifico with Toni Servillo, Il Teatro al lavoro, the new film with Anna Foglietta e Fabio De Caro, Un giorno all’improvviso, and the new project of Mario Martone, Capri-Revolution.

Soon other new projects are going to start also in the region of Campania, among which there are the new film of Alessandro Siani, Il giorno più bello del mondo, and the new Rai series based on the Commissary Ricciardi of De Giovanni.

All these news have been described by the new President of the Film Commision Campania, Titta Fiore, during the press conference which took place in the meeting room ‘Venice Production Bridge’ of the Grand Hotel Excelsior of Venice; Region of Campania’s President Vincenzo De Luca, the councilor of culture Patrizia Boldoni, the general director for cultural politics Rosanna Romano and the Film Commission director Maurizio Gemma also took part in this meeting. Fiore also could explain which are going to be the next steps. First of all a media-library of the audiovisual in order to allow a quick consultation of all the available heritage, gathering the cinema which talks about Campania from the outside too.