The Kinéo Movie Diamond Award was established in 2002 on the initiative of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities to promote the national film industry and is celebrated every year at the Venice Film Festival.

Promoted by Kinéo Cultural Association, chaired by Rosetta Sannelli and produced by Tiziana Rocca’s Agnus Dei, the award distinguishes itself because of its tribute to the best of Italian movie production assigned by the public and by a jury of experts according to a criterion combining artistic quality, public success and potential diffusion in the international market.

On the 15th anniversary of its establishment, the most relevant news of the next meeting planned for 3 September have been announced at the Italian Pavilion in Cannes, including theLifetime Achievement Award to Claudia Cardinale.

“Our idea” – Tiziana Rocca and Rosetta Sannelli said – “is to revive these fifteen years through the winners of the Kinéo Award, from its creation to the present day. A catwalk crowded with the most beloved and famous faces of our cinema to celebrate an award conferred by people who go to the cinema. And people who over the years – Rocca and Sannelli said –  contributed with their votes to keep the Kinéo alive and popular will play a leading role as well”.

“The fifteenth edition of the Kinéo Award is a great achievement and it is so closely linked to the history of the Venice Film Festival for the past years that it is impossible to think about one without the other”. – the director of the Venice Film Festival Alberto Barbera said -. “There’s no doubt that a festival draws its strength from the participation of the protagonists of the modern cinema, directors, actors, actresses or contributors who help determine a film’s success. The Kinéo Award gives a special recognition to whom who most stood out during the year for the quality of their artistic work and excelled at their discipline. The Venice Film Festival offers an ideal stage for this recurring celebration of this sort of Italian cinema’s party: the festival gathers every year the most beloved and well-known outstanding performers of the highest tradition of quality which imposed our film industry on the world’s attention”.

Once again, ANICA will be at the side of the Kinéo Award with the presentation of the project “AnicaIncontra Focus Cina” and the award to Monica Bellucci, ambassadress of the Italian cinema during the Beijing International Film Festival.

In recent times, the Kinéo Award put the prestigious awards to our movies beside those to the international ones to bring our film culture closer to that of other countries and to create important synergies. Starting this year, the Kinéo Award is twinning with the prestigious Newport Beach Film Festival.