Fandango Sales, the international sales arm of the Fandango production company, announces sales of four titles from its catalog:

“Una sterminata domenica” by Alain Parroni tells the story of Alex, Brenda and Kevin, young people trying to make their mark, trivially even writing their names around the city, between Rome and the coast. The film, winner of the Premio Orizzonti Speciale della Giuria at the last Venice International Film Festival, has been sold to Mcf Megacom Film of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“Margini,” the story of a group of friends who want to organize a punk concert in a small provincial town, is the debut feature by Niccolò Falsetti and was sold by Fandango to Noha Films, Switzerland.

Another sale made in Switzerland, at the Cinémathèque Suisse, involves the film “Le mura di Bergamo,” directed by Stefano Savona. The film evokes the city of Bergamo in March 2020, when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out with a violent and unexpected explosion.

The latest sale concerns the docufilm “Umberto Eco: la biblioteca del Mondo” directed by Davide Ferrario. The philosopher’s private library of more than 30,000 volumes of contemporary titles and 1,500 rare and antique books will begin its U.S. distribution thanks to The Cinema Guild.

PhotoCredits: Marc Fanelli-Isla su Unsplash

Fonte: Filmitalia