European producers are adapting to a challenging time during the Covid-19 global pandemic and countries are ready to opening up for production at varying times. Content production has paused across the globe – with scripted commissions down 40% on this time last year-, although a number of countries have these weeks taken little steps towards a socially distanced resumption of activity.

MIA organizes a web talk that will be streamed on our webinar platform on June 12th at 3.00pm (Rome time-zone). This session will shine a light on the European audio-visual community and how to re-organize the relation between creativity and safety, while driving the creativity challenge in the pandemic experience, as we all adjust to this “new normal”.

Over the past months a sense of unity and coming together across the industry came up on an international scale and MIA will collate the experiences of content producers and international distributors, as they adapt operations, while also highlighting opportunities in the market.

Elena Lai, Secretary General of CEPI, the European Audiovisual Production, Association of European independent producers representing approximately 8000 independent TV and film production companies in Europe, will give us an opening overview into how CEPI has been a leading force in mobilising the European AV sector to rally against the virus and engaging with leaders at the EU and national level to request targeted support measures. In this session industry players from different European countries will reflect on in light of what has become a very challenging year: Filip Bobiňski, CEO of the Czech prod-co DRAMEDY PRODUCTIONS, alongside Polish independent producer Dariuz Jablonsky, CEO of APPLE FILM, Nicola Söderlund, Owner and Managing Partner of Swedish distribution outfit ECCHO RIGHTS, Nicola De Angelis, CEO of the Italian production company FABULA PICTURES (backed by Federation Entertainment) and with Thomas Saignes, Producer and Head of International Department of CINETÉVÉ, French independent audio-visual production company, and Ran Tellem Head of International Content Development of the Spanish MEDIAPRO STUDIOS.

Moderator will be journalist Nick Edwards, a freelance journalist specialising in international TV drama – his work has appeared in publications such as The Economist, The Financial Times and The Guardian and he also has contributed to the trade press such as TBI, C21 and Broadcast.

This session is in collaboration with CEPI.