The European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO) registered that European box office revenues dropped in 2018 as EU market share increased.

For the first time in four years, cumulative GBO in the EU Member States did not pass the € 7 billion benchmark in 2018. Based on provisional data the European Audiovisual Observatory estimates that cumulative GBO takings in the EU fell by 3.3% in 2018 to a total of € 6.80 billion. If the European average ticket price is stable at € 7.1, the downturn in revenues reflects a drop of 2,9% in the number of tickets sold down to to 956 million. The decrease in box office receipts was primarily driven by the results in Germany (-14.8%) and Italy (-5%) while data are stable in Spain and the United Kingdom.

The European Audiovisual Observatory states that in 2018 US market share was of 63.2%, down from 66.2% in the previous year. In turn, the market share captured by European films grew from 27.9% to 29.4%. Concerning the productions with another origin, the market share rose but it is still low: 2,1%. On a national level, local films performed particularly well in the United Kingdom (44.8%) and France (39.5%). In addition, according to the report, EU production levels grew again last year as the estimated number of European feature films produced in 2018 increased from 1.737 to 1.847. This figure breaks down into an estimated number of 1.142 fiction films and 705 feature documentaries.

These the results about the sold ticktes: Avengers: Infinity War was the box office winner in 2018, it generated more than 30 million admissions (30.994.883), followed by Incredibles 2 (27.885.265) e Bohemian Rhapsody (26.413.548).