Emilia-Romagna Region has approved the funding of 7 new projects for film and audiovisual culture, for a fund of €570,000.

As reported in the press release, the funding promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region will support the film sector and will ratify conventions with the promoters until 2023. The selected projects concern various sectors of the industry, including:

  • Enhancement of cinemas, territory and community cinemas, through activities such as Cinema di qualità;
  • involvement and training of the audience through dedicated promotional campaigns;
  • dissemination of audiovisual works, also supported by the Regional Audiovisual Fund, with particular attention to local productions and directions;
  • promotion of family archives, with digital preservation and cataloguing activities, to guarantee easier accessibility;
  • promotion of companies in the whole audiovisual sector, with particular attention to operators in order to enlarge the market of regional companies.

More information is available on the Emilia-Romagna Region website.