The Summer of 1983 is infamous in the Italian chronicle because during the June of that year Emanuela Orlandi, a fifteen years old girl who lived inside the Vatican walls with her family, vanished into thin air. The Orlandi case became one of the most famous unsolved cases in recent Italian history, and to this day there isn’t an answer as to how it ended. The investigations carried out by her brother Pietro have revealed evidence linking the Church to the world of organised crime, but in the last thirty years he has only has been able to reach the surface of a mistery he knows someone has the answer to.
My Missing Sister, directed by Alessandra Bruno and produced by Raffaele Brunetti (B&B Film) and Ilona Grundman (Film Production) is one of the documentary projects of the MIA|DOC Pitching Forum. To find out more about this and other projects, click here.