“To have a penis is to be chained to a madman” wrote Sophocles more than 2500 years ago. He was right then and he is still right today. Donald Trump won the White House despite his openly misogynist and chauvinistic stands.

Intellectuals, feminists, activists, democrats and even some Republicans are asking themselves: how can this be possible? There is a place in the world that could have the answers to that question. It’s Italy!
Everything in the country seems to revolve around the dick. Fed up with this phallocentric system, Gustav and Luca, directors of the award-winning doc Italy: Love it or Leave It, decide to find out what holds together the so called three P: penis, power and politics. To do so, they decide to use their homeland Italy as a case-study and look into five pillars that might hold the answers to their quest: the political system, education, media, the church and family. Where does the idea of male supremacy come from? How could a misogynist system still be preserved even today?

There are different theories that try to explain the phenomena. Gustav and Luca will look into all of them, leading the audience into a kaleidoscopic and ironic journey.

Dicktatorship, directed by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi and produced by DocLab, is one of the selected projects for the 2017 edition of the MIA | DOC Pitching Forum. Click here to find out more about this and other projects.