According to DEG (The Digital Entertainment Group), the first quarter of 2019 has been positive for US home entertainment market with an overall increase of 6.4%.

Svod recorded the best results, especially thanks to the Netflix’s success, as it achieved a growth of 21% compared to 2018 arriving at around 3.6 billion dollars, against the 6.04 billion dollars of the total sector. Consumer spending on transactional digital video users have instead spent 1.23 billion dollars, or +4.6%. General spending for VOD has increased by 2.27% per year up to 564.14 million dollars, just as the demand for cinema products has remained strong. Traditional disc sales are declining. They fell to 822.25 million (-23% compared to last year). The top-selling disc release of the first quarter, according to NPD Group’s VideoScan tracking service, was Bohemian Rhapsody.