As today, decree No. 145 of April 12, 2024, concerning the allocation of the Cinema and Audiovisual Fund, issued by the Ministry of Culture, is available. The total amount allocated for the year 2024 is €696,034,750.00.

Breaking down the allocation, the funds will be distributed as follows: tax credits, accounting for 59% (€412,703,707.50); automatic contributions (€21,321,000); selective contributions (€84,300,000); contributions for promotion (€136,829,000); purposes outlined in Article 27, paragraph 1, letter i) (€20,881,042.50); and enhancement of cinema circuit (€20,000,000).

The resources allocated through the Fund for the development of investments in cinema and audiovisual projects adhere to the provisions outlined in the Cinema Law (Law No. 220 of November 14, 2016).

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Photo Credits: Pixabay