Economic contributions to support TV are coming, both for Rai and for local broadcasters, to face the losses caused by Coronavirus.

The draft of the new law decree dedicated to economic measures to deal with the Coronavirus emergency is on the agenda and should include contributions for public and private TV.

The Italian Council of Ministers is called to discuss the provision, which considers greater access to credit and the movement of approximately 350 billion euros. Of these, 80 million euros could go to support local radio and television networks and 40 million, instead, in favor of the public service.

Despite the significant increase in audience ratings, TV also suffers from the Coronavirus emergency. In fact, some TV shows have been suspended and the schedules of several broadcasters revolutionized. Likewise Rai, which sees the fee temporarily suspended until April 30, 2020. Local TV companies also suffer from the decrease in advertising revenues due to the drastic drop in orders.