Italian Animation Showcase


The ITALIAN ANIMATION SHOWCASE is MIA’s exclusive event dedicated to the Italian animation industry to present some of the most eagerly awaited titles from Italian productions. These are feature films and TV series with a strong international appeal and with the green-lit from at least one broadcaster or platform and almost full financial coverage (in the case of feature films)
The event, which was held on Wednesday, October 12 at 4:30 p.m. at Nuovo Cinema Barberini, was moderated by Livio Beshir who introduced the titles featured in this edition: four TV series and three feature films.


Adventure, Comedy, Diversity and Inclusion are sparklingly mixed in the four series showcased:

Klincus (produced by ShowLab; Fabrique d’Image; Telegael; Ra iKids; ZDFStudios)
Klincus is set in a steampunk fantasy world located at the height of the second industrial revolution. It is a bold mirror of the vital decisions we must make today. Klincus speaks of the eternal clash between modernity and tradition, between the unstoppable force of the new and the need to preserve the security of the old.


Baby Puffins & Bunny (produced by IERVOLINO & LADY BACARDI ENTERTAINMENT )
In a small house in the frozen heart of the Arctic, PB the bear lives with the young hare and the Puffins. PB looks after them like a dad but also like an uncle, a mum and a nanny. The little ones love and respect him, just as they love and care for each other. The main characters are the hare kid Jipo and the four puffins Didi, Pie, Tic and Tac: they all share a house and live in deep harmony as in a family. The legendary Johnny Puff and the ever-smiling Aunt Iris are the protagonists of comical situations. The stories are commented by a narrator who participates in each adventure.


The Sound Collector (produced by Enanimation; Eagle vs Bat with RaiKids – ITV)
The Sound Collector is a stop-frame and live-action series about a little guy and his love for sound. He lives with his friend and pet, Mole, in a little house. Being partially deaf, he is particularly fascinated by sounds. So he spends his days collecting them. When he comes home after many sound adventures, he always wants to play and laugh with his friend Mole!


Mini Pet Pals & Mini Dinos (produced by Gruppo Alcuni; RaiKids) Mini Pet Pals are on a field trip in the mountains. Top Hat is exploring a cave, where he suddenly finds himself in a school for mini prehistoric animals. He makes friends with them and takes part in a lesson where a prehistoric fairy tale is being told. Top Hat brings the other Mini Pet Pals to meet his new friends. The two groups discover different ways of living and come to realize that their diversities enrich rather than limit.


Three feature film were showcased: three very different projects, extraordinary and fascinating stories, between friendship, family ties, solidarity and personal growth.

Bartali’s Bicycle, by Enrico Paolantonio, (produced by Lynx Multimedia Factory, Toonz Entertainment, Telegael, Rai Kids) story of humanity and sports solidarity bringing us through two distinctive timelines: the risky missions of Gino Bartali in the Florence of World War II, saving the lives of many Jews, and the story of two modern teenagers, one Araba and one Jewish, who challenge centuries of prejudice in the name of their friendship.


Linda Veut du poulet, by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach (produced by Dolce Vita Films, Palosanto Films, Miyu Production). A mom, her daughter and a chicken to be found absolutely. From a chicken coop to a watermelon truck, from overzealous cops to allergic truckers, from grandmothers to floods, Paulette and her daughter Linda hunt for chicken, helped by the whole neighborhood.What the daughter doesn’t know is that the chicken her father could cook so well is the key to her memory.


Copperbeak (produced by Movimenti Production, IdeaCinema, Rai Kids) is a Tuscan fairy tale and very real, because it takes origin from the true story of Ottorino, a goose that, following the ambush of a fox that took away almost all of its beak, manages to return to normal thanks to intervention by a veterinarian, who replaced his beak with a copper prosthesis. It Is a journey of self-discovery, which will lead Ottorino to learn a great truth: only by accepting your own weaknesses you can become a hero.