Automatic and selective contributions, art house cinema’s role and many other themes faced by the Consiglio superiore dell’audiovisivo (audiovisual Board) at Venice 75th.

In the Venice International Film Festival the audiovisual is without doubts the protagonist, and during the event the Consiglio superiore dell’audiovisivo (audiovisual Board) has organized a meeting reflecting on the current state of the sectors among other things.

In the principal themes, it has been discussed about the automatic contributions reserved for audiovisual projects, concerning most of all the criteria through which these contributions must be assigned: by recognizing a restriction on the economical results obtained and therefore the success, or considering another important factor as the artistic and cultural value of the project. In this regard, it has been also reminded the extension of the period within which proceeding to fully evaluate the projects – having considered a 3 to 5 years increase – in order to understand the trend of the movie in all its exploitations (movie theaters, television, on demand, etc.).

Another issue raised during the Consiglio superiore dell’audiovisivo (audiovisual Board) meeting is the role of the independent producer, whose definition still remains blurred and would need more objective criteria.

The chairman, Stefano Rulli, mentioned also the role of the art house cinema, by affirming that the specialized rooms have to be given value, although it is also crucial the projection of these movies in the multiplex frequented by young people. Regarding the audience it has been reaffirmed that a valid hypothesis to be kept in consideration could be a greater development in the subscription system for young people in order to bring them to movie theaters.

The Board, introduced in 2017, is composed by Stefano Rulli (the Chairman), Flavia Barca, Carlo Bernaschi, Gianni Canova, Maja Cappello, Michele Lo Foco, Rosaria Marchese, Francesca Medolago Albani, Filippo Nalon, Gennaro Nunziante e Sergio Silva.