Comics Pitching Forum

in partnership with COMICON


MIA is pleased to launch a new opportunity for the meeting between pop culture, editorial projects and the audiovisual market, presenting some of the most important Italian and international comics and graphic novel projects, selected in collaboration with the COMICON festival, and seeking production and/or financial support.


Based on works already published in different countries, the pitches will be presented by successful Italian and international authors/artists and directors and will offer a wide range of stories, genres and settings, from romantic drama to grounded sci-fi. An opportunity to explore new directions from the segment with the highest growth rate in the book industry in recent years.


The projects will be:


Quarantine Prophets
by Fabio Guaglione / Luca Speranzoni
Based on a graphic novel published by Panini Comics and a novel published by HarperCollins, 2021.


by Quasirosso (Giovanni Esposito)
Based on a graphic novel published by Feltrinelli, 2021.


Troppo facile amarti in vacanza
by Giacomo Bevilacqua
Based on a graphic novel published by Bao Publishing, 2021.


Traveling to Mars
by Mark Russell / Roberto Meli
Based on the upcoming comic book series by Mark Russell (Eisner Award nominee for Best Writer, 2019) and Roberto Meli.