Cinema and video games meet at an encounter on new technologies.

Gomorra 2 previews at the frontier of television at MIA, the new International Market of Audiovisuals started today in Rome with 1.250 enrolled coming from 53 countries, 60 and more partecipants from abroad. The series’ second season shows itself with the eyes of virtual reality. Five clips showing new footage, backstage and interviews can be watched by the viewer, wearing Samsung Gear VR, a stereoscope viewer that can show, turning your head, the city of Scampia or a pool game with the characters.

Virtual reality is the chance to talk about cinema and video games at the panel “Gaming and Immersive Experience”. A convergence luring the majors, as claimed by Sony Computer Entertainment Italia general management Marco Saletta: “The future is the strategic management of the brand. Sony is producing film on its brands of videogames, needing a 360 degrees approach”. Andrea Cuneo, marketing director at 20th Century Fox, agrees: “Even in the case of virtual reality not becoming a success because of the many obstacles to reach the main audience, what is important is to have a strategic plan starting from the product: not just a film, but also a book, a comic, a game and so on”. Untold Games does bet on virtual reality: the Italian software developer is preparing Loading Human among the products for the virtual reality launch. Loading Human, a total immersive experimental adventure in several episodes,  will be available for Playstation VR and Oculus Rift.