The new Sky series Catch-22, directed by and starring George Clooney, will air from May 21st. Read all the anticipations on the international co-production shot in Italy.

Based on the antimilitarist novel of the same name written by Joseph Heller (1961), and published in Italy by Bompiani with the title Comma 22, Catch-22 follows the adventures of a an American squadron of young aviators in Italy during World War II. The six-episodes Sky original series is co-produced with Paramount Television, Anonymous Content, and Smokehouse Pictures. Shootings have mostly taken place in Italy, especially in the Sardinia and Lazio regions.

The main character is Captain John Yossarian (aka YoYo), played by Christopher Abbott (Girls, The Sinner), a soldier who, in order to escape the war, had chosen to enrol into the Air Force, hoping that the war would last less than his training. Instead, Captain Yossarian finds himself in the middle of the European turmoil, with the only goal of going back home as soon as possible. He declares himself insane so as to escape flight missions, and he runs up against Comma-22, which settles that insane people can ask to be exonerated. However, Yossarian proves not to be insane in the exact moment in which he presents his request, since only crazy people would want to keep flying in those missions.

Starring alongside George Clooney, we find Hugh Laurie (Dr. House, The Night Manager, Veep), Kyle Chandler (Manchester by the Sea, Argo, Friday Night Lights), Christopher Abbot, Grant Heslov, and Giancarlo Giannini. Catch-22 will air on Sky Atlantic from May 21st, and it will be in 4K HDR for Sky Q clients. Moreover, the series will be available on Sky On Demand, on Sky Go, and on the streaming platform NOW TV.