Cassandra, the new short film born from the synergy between artificial intelligence and Italian authors will have its national premiere today, 19 October 2023 at Alice nella Città.

Cassandra was conceived and written with the support of artificial intelligence: the screenwriters used ChatGPT to develop the dialogues between the protagonists, while Google Bard was used to give more depth to the AI protagonist of the short film. In addition to the screenplay, Runaway, Midjoruney and D-ID were used to supplement the normal film footage with animated scenes.

The short film was co-produced by Rai Cinema and involved several talents from Scuola Holden , including director Demetra Bitrione and screenwriters Riccardo Milanesi and Filippo Losito. Scuola Holden also created the StoryLab, a synergy between Rai Cinema and the Transmedia Lab of the Sapienza University of Rome, which will serve as an archive for information on AI and an educational centre for new technologies.

Cassandra will be presented today during the Short Film Days of Alice nella Città, the parallel section dedicated to young people at the Rome Film Fest, and will later be made available on RaiPlay.

For further information please visit the Rai and Scuola Holden’s websites.