Between Heaven and Earth by Najwa Najjar wins the Best Screenplay Award at the 41st Cairo International Film Festival (November 20-29, 2019). The movie has participated as a project at MIA|Film Co-production Market 2016.

In Between Heaven and Earth Najwa Najjar tells the story of Salma and Tamer’s divorce. The biggest difficulty in Salma and Tamer’s case seems not to be the division of assets, but rather crossing the Israeli border. They have been living in Palestine for five years but need to get to Salma’s motherland to get their business done. Tamer gets a three-day pass, but when the couple reaches court things get complicated. The information regarding Tamer’s late father doesn’t check out. He was killed decades ago, but according to the Israeli database, he is still alive and has a son – called Tamir, not Tamer. In order to sort this mess out, they need to find the father’s former lover. Granted a 72-hour extension, they eventually set off on a journey through a land bristling with tension, where the Arab-Jewish relationship is civil for the time being, but always on the verge of erupting.