Andrea Di Stefano‘s latest film, Last Night of Amore, took first place at the weekly box office. The movie has in fact recorded a gross of €991,067, bringing the total to €1,957,884 and surpassing Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which instead closed its first week in Italian cinemas with €836,156. Bronze medal for Creed III, with €814,601 for a total of €6,288,472.

Everything Everywhere All at Once took fourth position with €715,388 and a total of €1,638,845. It was followed by The Whale, with €628,655 and €2,770,120, and Scream VI with €600,994 and €1,385,795.

Seventh position for Akira 35th, which closed its first week with €244,793. In eighth and ninth place respectively we find Mummies with €198,661 and a total revenue of €1,953,119, and Mixed by Erry with €160,898 and €733,452. Educazione fisica closes this week’s ranking with €114,296 and €114,741 in revenue.