Saturday October 20th, 11 AM – Cinema Quattro Fontane, Hall #2



In cooperation with Europa Distribution
Presented by a few observers and early adopters as the technology that will soon revolutionize practices in all types of businesses, blockchain has also made its entry in the current debates within the film industry sector, notably as part of the discussions organized in the scope of major film festival markets.
An increasing number of startups are developing applications promoted as solutions to some of the industry’s inherent inefficiencies and difficulties that appeared with the digital shift at all levels of the film value chain.
For the fifth year of their successful collaboration around the joint panel series « Everything you always wanted to know about distribution but were afraid to ask », Europa Distribution and MIA will take a closer look at the current state of the art on the matter.
What is blockchain? How does it work? What its potential applications in the film industry? How may the BVOD impact the distribution of films? Which new perspectives does this technology offer to the independent distribution sector?
These are just some of the questions that will be explored in Rome with the help of a panel of experts.
The session will be moderated by Michael Gubbins.