ILBE Awards

For the first time on the 2022 edition, MIA has the honor to present the ILBE Awards, two prizes to support the development of two projects presented as part of the Film co-production Market & Pitching Forum.


A special jury, composed of a representative of ILBE and two other industry professionals, will assign the two awards:


The ILBE AWARD worth 10,000 euros to the best project chosen from those selected at the Film Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum;


The ILBE Award worth 5,000 euros to the best project chosen from those selected in the section Wanna Taste IT?, exclusively devoted to Italian film projects at an earlier stage of development, aiming to be a launchpad and a propeller for the Italian industry and talent.


One of ILBE’s goals is to support producers and directors during the development of the film, one of the most delicate phases, in line with its corporate values.


ILBE has always been close to emerging Italian and international talents and professionals, often giving the opportunity, to those who dream of being part of the entertainment world, to have their chance.


Thanks to the projects that the company evaluates and develops every year, many young people have been able to approach writing, and be part of a team of professionals that allowed them to see an idea turning into content not only for the Italian market, but also and above all for the International circuit.


Such content is the result of ILBE’s business model, which aims to create Made in Italy products and circulate them all over the world.


In fact, one of ILBE’s values is Working together to tell stories that, starting from Italy, travel around the world.