“Artificial Intelligence: creativity, ethics, law and the market” is the conference to be held on Tuesday, September 19, in the Sala Spadolini of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (via del Collegio Romano, 27 – Rome), starting at 9:30 a.m.

The meeting organized by Undersecretary for Culture Sen. Lucia Borgonzoni aims to discuss the use of artificial intelligence, AI, in the creative industries sector, analyzing the challenges and opportunities it could offer. In particular, the issue of copyright will be discussed.

The conference will be attended by top Italian and international experts from different sectors: audiovisual, video games, and many others. Undersecretary for Italian Culture will open the event with institutional greetings.

The debate can also be followed remotely, as the event will be broadcast entirely simultaneously on MiC’s Youtube channel.

Foto di Kohji Asakawa da Pixabay