The Audiovisual Producers Association (APA) has published the national audiovisual production report on the present and future of the audiovisual, dedicated to the entertainment sector in the 2018 – 2019 season.

The APA report, available on the association’s website, collects data from C.e.R.T. A. (Research Center on Television and Audiovisuals) relating to the complex entertainment sector scenario.

In 2018-2019 season, entertainment products reached a total of 15,929 hours, calculated on the basis of 526 contents – net of replies – of which 422 are programs, 79 extras and 25 spin-offs.

In the reference years, the strong impact of internationalization and technological innovation has inevitably led to the market evolution: fragmentation of consumption on multiple channels and platforms, increase in the demand for content (+15%), differentiation of supply models, independent production growth (+2%). Starting from these estimates, the TV scenario is positive.

Entertainment also plays a decisive role in the evening time slots (33% in prime time) with excellent ratings, in particular, to “light entertainment” (talk, talent, reality) and to seasonal new products (35% of the total); about daytime, on the other hand, the “container genre” wins.

The APA report provides a broad overview about the formats, the activity of the Italian production houses (in terms of programming, time slots and original productions) and on the role played by international players from countries such as Great Britain, the United States, Israel, France and Spain.

The APA report offers the opportunity to look more consciously at the whole branded entertainment sector and to evaluate its value, in terms of economic effects, television offering, content experimentation and audience development.