President of ANICA Francesco Rutelli has signed the deal with SMG, one of the main Chinese media conglomerate. The signing has taken place in the presence of Consul General of Italy Stefano Beltrame, responsible for international relations ANICA Roberto Stabile and Shanghai station chief of the ICE (the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade) Claudio Pasqualucci.

The agreement provides for a three-year collaboration between the two companies to support and promote co-production projects between China and Italy in the field of television, cinema, documentary and animation. This partnership is part of the China Project (carried out by ANICA in collaboration with ICE), which aims to encourage importation and distribution of Chinese films in Italy and vice versa.

SMG is the leading company in the production of films and TV series in China. It also owns fifteen TV channels, thirteen radio frequencies and eight newspapers and magazines. The agreement of ANICA in collaboration with APT (Television Producers Association) is an opportunity to intensify cooperation between Chinese and Italian institutions in the audiovisual field.