The Ristori Bis Decree has introduced further urgent measures in the field of health protection, support for workers, businesses and justice, related to the current health emergency.

With the new Decree, with effect from November 9th, changes were also introduced for the social safety nets for workers in the entertainment world. In fact, for workers hired with fixed-term contracts in cine-audiovisual productions starting from 13 July – and therefore potentially exposed to the risk of work interruptions due to the health emergency – it is now allowed to “ask for up to nine weeks of shock absorber until 15 November 2020 (for suspensions from work from 1 to 30 September)”.

Trade associations ANICA and APA applaud the changes: according to Mario Fusani, lawyer and labor law expert who assists ANICA, in fact, ” this treatment would also be applied to hired workers who have incurred a forced interruption of the their employment relationship due to Covid”.

APA President Giancarlo Leone also declared: “thanks to the new Decree, the wage integration measures provided for by the Ristori Decree have also been extended to workers who are hired as of November 9”.