At MIA Market 2019, Italian institutions reveal the many opportunities to develop audiovisual productions in the country.

Internationalization and co-productions represent the core of the Italian public financing system. Italy offers a vast array of customizable opportunities to develop, produce and distribute cinematographic and audiovisual works, adapting to the unique characteristics of every project. The panel explored every possibility to participate in this support system with a quick guide to the agenda of the Fondo Nazionale per il Cinema, which includes tax incentives, selective support, minority co-production funds, bilateral funds for co-production and co-development, aid for international distribution, the formation of producers and access to international markets and festivals. There will also be an introduction to the different Regional Film Commissions and services, locations, studies and professionals available locally.

Ines Aronadio, Director of the Made in Italy Export Promotion Department of the Italian Trade Agency, highlighted that “ICE looks forward to the promotion of Italian products through a network of 78 offices around the world”. MiBACT also encourages the development of the Italian audiovisual industry along with the different Film Commissions. Luciano Sovena, President of the Lazio Film Commission confirmed: “The Lazio Region has invested a total of 22 million euros in the audiovisual and cinematographic industry”.

Participating in the event were Ines Aronadio (Director of the Made in Italy export promotion department, ITA-Italian Trade Agency), Maria Giuseppina Troccoli (Head of Film and Audiovisual Department – DG Cinema and Audiovisual, MiBACT), Bruno Zambardino (Head of European Affairs and Italy for Movies – DG Cinema and Audiovisual, MiBACT), Roberto Stabile (Head of International Department – ANICA, Coordinator Audiovisual desk ITA-Italian Trade Agency), Stefania Ippoliti (President, Italian Film Commissions) and Luciano Sovena (President , Roma Lazio Film Commission).