A new report published by Ampere Analysis reveals the effects of the lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic on the production of scripted and unscripted content worldwide.

The analysis also shows a difference in these effects between scripted and unscripted content. In fact, according to the report, more than half of the scripted products planned for the second half of this year could be delayed and the rest risk to do not being offered to the public at all. Titles scheduled between June and august will be delayed and the same delays are predicted for 50/60% of the series that should be available in the autumn season.

The unscripted area will instead recover more quickly. The faster restart will be possible thanks to the many programs focused precisely on the pandemic and thanks to the possibility to use different and non-specific locations, instead, necessary for the TV series. In autumn, therefore, unscripted productions are expected to return to normal, with 71% of the titles.

The report by Ampere Analysis also stated that unscripted content is in great demand by TVs to fill in the gaps left by scripted content.