Amazon, the e-commerce and streaming giant, will invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic, an AI research and security start-up, to expand and foster the creation of new foundation models.

The investment is part of a broader agreement that will give Anthropic access to Amazon Web Services’ cloud service and AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia, the Machine Learning accelerators developed by Amazon’s web division.

The resources that will be provided by the company founded by Jeff Bezos will allow Anthropic to proceed in the time-consuming training required by the new AI.

Anthropic also points out that the new agreement will enable it to enhance Claude, the AI service developed by the US start-up, which is currently accessible through Amazon Bedrock.

In return for the investment, Amazon will acquire a minority stake in Anthropic.

Further information can be found on Amazon Web Services and Anthropic’s websites.

📸 Nicolas j Leclercq/Unsplash